Wild Zip line Safari

Enjoy the Wilds of Ohio from an aerial perspective! The Wilds is the most innovative wildlife conservation center in the world, on 10000 acres in southeast Ohio.

Guides lead this 2 ½ hour zip line safari tour overlooking various rare and endangered animal species
that enjoy the rolling hills and open range at the Wilds.

Zip line through trees, over watering holes, lakes, and pastures. Then finally landing among the amazing giraffes. Wow! This tour will excite anyone with the love for wildlife and a bit of adventure. Don’t miss this incredible, first of its kind, outdoor experience during your visit to the Wilds!

About the design: Designed in June 2011, it was fairly innovative back then, with a flash rotation that blended into the background, content feeders for the scrollers, a javascript menu and a Spry menu system, absolute positioned elements. It was entertaining to design and one of my favorite designs. Artwork by Daniel Eckel.

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