Vinton County CVB

Vinton County is more than 70 percent wooded. Within Vinton County borders are several State Parks, a State Forest, and part of a National Forest. We are home to more than 70 miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and backpacking. We also have historic covered bridges, quilt barns, and a haunted railroad tunnel.

This site is about showcasing the outdoor adventure and natural beauty of Vinton County. It can offer either the most exciting vacation you've ever had or the most relaxing one.

About the design: Designed during the winter of 2009. Finished in March of 2010. One of my first designs after I started my own business. The idea was to showcase the natural beauty of the area. To do this I used a different header image on every page that was 900 pixels wide, large in those days where the predominant screen-size was only 1040 pixels, in other words it filled the screen. Mostly pro bono with free hosting.

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