St. John Catholic Church, Logan, Ohio

In the summer of 1837, a colony of six families arrived in Hocking County from Germany. In all, the band of newcomers consisted of fifty souls. They began to clear and till the land, to build homes and make provisions for their spiritual welfare.

The enterprising Germans began to build a church in 1842 which was 56 by 38 feet. The pastor lived at St. Mary, Lancaster, and celebrated the Eucharist every 6 weeks at St. John.

They purchased property on north Market Street in Logan on January 31, 1859, for use of St. John Church. By 1861, a frame church, constructed by Francis Joseph Krieg, a parishioner, graced the hilltop of Logan. The building still exists on the present site of the rectory. Ground broke on September 28th, 1896 for a a new church. This new building, our present church home, is 97 feet by 55 feet with a tower that is 96 feet high. The church societies and parishioners donated the funds for the stained glass windows.

Through the years an Italian marble altar, a pipe organ and finally in 1926 St. John Parochial School opened. St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church is a member of the National Registry of Historical Places.

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