The Kohler Showroom in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

The Kohler showroom in Sheboygan, WI is a great place to find great ideas for your next winter project, remodel job or a next new home. Every display features the latest in home furnishings. They really have an amazing array of plumbing gadgets as well as room designs. My favorites were the sunrooms and bath rooms, kitchens were nice too.

When you first walk into the showroom, on the far wall is commodes, tubs, whirlpools, sinks of all shapes and colors and on top of the display there's a guy about to take a swan dive.

They have all their impressive line of products for you to get up close and personal, but in addition to their products display they have a museum like experience with rooms outfitted with their latest hardware.

This really helps you visualize your setting at home with these potential products. It was actually fun to poke around take notes, photos and assess your requirements.

If you are designing a new home, this would be a great place to start, as they had many storage and lighting ideas, as well as what you might expect in the way of bath, shower and kitchen products.

Plus they had these great sunrooms setup, wow!