I had a dream. I woke seeing in large print IONS. I was thinking ions. So I went to GoDaddy and tried to register the name, Ions.com, it wasn't available. What a surprise a 4-letter domain name not available, go figure. Anyway 10ns.com was available. Now OK, what does it stand for, what its mean? Tennis, no. 10 of something, NS, nanoseconds, no. Networked Solutions, yes. What if I had a group of professionals who corroborated on a Web development project. Yes, I'll need at least 10 of them.

About the design: Designed during the winter 2012. I wanted something with a fast loading homepage and one I could place my contracted affiliates in the footer like social media. What's with the wood-fired oven photo, well that's my pizza machine, we can't have meetings without pizza.

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